Machine Gun Range


We’re not your papa’s shooting range. We’re your new Las Vegas bucket list destination, a fully-stocked Las Vegas machine gun range where you’ll experience the pulse-pounding thrills of modern machine guns and bad-ass assault rifles, as well as some of the most famous weapons from past world wars, Hollywood movies, and your favorite video games.


Urban Warfare Experience

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it feels like to be a fighter in an urban warzone

Urban warfare? Fire fights through buildings? Building blowing up in your wake? Sounds like the stuff of a video game, for sure. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it feels like to be a fighter in an urban warzone, we have the deal for you.  Grab hold of four of our most popular guns (with the option of adding more!) with our urban assault shooting package.


The Hand Job

The Ultimate Handgun experience

What guns are included in the Hand Job experience? Shoot the Glock, 1911, Ruger Super RedHawk and the Desert Eagle.

What is the duration of the Hand Job experience? The Hand Job experience is about 40 minutes, but we suggest allocating an hour of your time.

Is transportation included with this experience? Yes, with a reservation you’ll get transportation to and from Machine Gun Range.


Seal Team Shooter

The Ultimate Assault Weapon Experience

You don’t have to dream about unleashing a full-auto barrage of gunfire anymore: we’ll put an assault weapon in your hands and show you how to shoot the thing!

      Which guns come with this package?

      With the Seal Team experience you’ll be able to shoot the: M249 SAW, M4, Tactical Shotgun and Glock 19. To really up the ante, add on the 1919 for $125.